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Verve Psychotherapy Is Now Open

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

We Are Now Ready to Accept New Clients!

Our Why

Therapy is now more important than ever.

Our Mission

We help busy New Yorkers & busy Georgians discover their core emotions and authentic self-energy. We empower men, new dads, and their partners through mindful masculinity, individual & relational empowerment, and personalized therapy in order to build a life worth living.

Our Vision

Holding calm space to empower the verve within you.

Our Values

  • Service

  • Social Justice

  • Dignity and Worth of Every Person

  • Importance of Human Relationships

  • Integrity

  • Competence

Our values are intentionally adopted from the values of the National Association of Social Workers, which is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world, with more than 120,000 members. Matthew Braman, the Founder & CEO of Verve Psychotherapy, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a member of NASW. Therefore, we are bound to the NASW Code of Ethics from which its values, principles, and standards guide social workers' everyday decision-making and professional conduct. So, NASW Values = Our Values.

Our Brand

VERVE /vərv/
noun: vigor and spirit or enthusiasm; energy; vitality.
Empower Your Verve.

Verve Psychotherapy is a modern & inclusive online mental health practice for busy New Yorkers & busy Georgians. Empowerment is a part of our brand as resembled in our logo, which is based on the "on and off" digital power symbol. It's a universal symbol combined with our own spin. We believe that we can turn on the qualities of our clients' individual and relational vigor, spirit, enthusiasm, energy, and vitality for life - to empower their verve - through our personalized approach to therapy and our clinical specialties.

Our Blog & Social Media

BE ON THE LOOK OUT for upcoming blog posts focused on all things mental health & wellness, mindful masculinity, relational empowerment, sociopolitical stuff, and resources & tips to level up your life. Please follow, read, comment, like, and share!

Our Approach

Our approach to therapy is personalized, integrative, and emotionally focused on helping you feel seen, heard, and understood. Our work is collaborative, and you can expect us to become partners while we safely guide you through to promote mental health and maximize wellness.

Meaningful and effective therapy is a gift that is now more important than ever before.

Invest in yourself, and we can empower your verve.

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