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Our Podcast Debut

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We were featured on a Special Father's Day Episode!


Even before they started podcasting in 2016, Kate & Katie - Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT (on the left) & Kate Lemieux, LMFT (on the right) - say that they have been on a mission to inspire mental health professionals on their private practice journey from "startup to mastery".

With over 500,000 total downloads and an average of 21,000+ downloads per month, The Private Practice Startup Podcast with Kate & Katie has climbed the charts while they have interviewed entrepreneurs, experts in mental health & business, and successful private practitioners.

We have found The Private Practice Startup Podcast to be an invaluable resource on our own journey from working in community mental health, to joining a private group practice, to creating and building our new solo private practice: Verve Psychotherapy.

Special Father's Day Episode

We're excited and honored to share that our tips - and tips from some big name #StartupNation dads - were featured on Kate & Katie's 259th episode: "How to Balance Being a Father, Therapist, and Entrepreneur". It turned out to be an incredible episode, and one which we value dearly.

Becoming an entrepreneur is awesome. Becoming a father is even more awesome. Being able to balance the two stories together and to then hear them broadcasted alongside the likes of the other #StartupNation dads on that list (see below) - we are flattered, humbled, and inspired.

The Special Father's Day Episode was created for "all dads and dads-to-be of #StartupNation". Kate & Katie asked #StartupNation dads to share their experience of "what works while striving for balance at home and at work". We hope you can take a half hour and tune in to find out.

Here are the dads that Kate & Katie featured in this episode:

  1. Edvardo Archer of AP Family Counseling

  2. Joe Sanok of Practice of the Practice

  3. John Souza of Elemental Guidance, LLC

  4. Josh Kellar of Josh Kellar Counseling, PLLC

  5. Justin Garber of Restorative Psychological Services

  6. Len Shelby of The Oak Inside

  7. Matt Barnes of Southwest Counselling Services

  8. Matthew Braman of Verve Psychotherapy

  9. Matthew Morgan of Covenant Family Wellness

  10. Melvin Varghese of Selling the Couch

  11. Michael berger of My Therapy My Truth

  12. Pablo Gonzalez of Ease Your Mind Counseling, PLLC

  13. Shane Birkel of ‎The Couples Therapist Couch

  14. Thad Frye of Thad Frye Counseling

  15. Tyson Durbin of Pinnacle Counseling and Consulting

  16. Uriah Guilford of Guilford Family Counseling

Are You a New Dad? In New York? Looking for a Therapist?

Trying to manage stress and balance life, work, marriage, and family can feel isolating, never ending, overwhelming, tense, and thankless. Fatherhood can also feel like the most meaningful role you've ever had. When you promote paternal mental health, your family & career benefits.

You need a space to focus on you. You need a therapist that gets you.

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