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Thank You to All of the Dads Out There

Resources for Men & Paternal Mental Health: Father's Day Edition

We want to express our gratitude to all of the fathers and the dads - and even all of the mothers out there pulling overtime shifts to perform dual roles. We hope you all can enjoy Father's Day.

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. proclaimed, "Father’s Day is a time to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives who lift us up on their shoulders and shape our lives for the better. We thank the dads who have guided, taught, coached, cared for us, and supported us through life’s trials and tribulations. And, we celebrate all that they impart: character and perspective, lessons borne from experience, and the sacrifices made from love..."
"...We also know this can be a hard day for many — for those who have lost a father, a grandfather, a stepfather, or a fatherly role model; and for those fathers who have lost a child of their own. During the past year, too many families lost fathers too soon because of and during this pandemic. We think of them today and every day, and we honor their enduring memories and legacies."

We are a big fan of resources that provide value. Here is a list of some resources for men and paternal health that we compiled and listed within our FAQs Resources Page. Of course, if you have resources to share with us, then we would love to hear about it. SEND US A MESSAGE here.

Resources to Empower Your Paternal Verve

Therapy for New Dads in New York

Trying to manage stress and balance life, work, marriage, and family can feel isolating, never ending, overwhelming, tense, and thankless. Fatherhood can also feel like the most meaningful role you've ever had. When you promote paternal mental health, your family benefits.

You need a space to focus on you. You need a therapist that gets you.

And... Happy Father's Day!

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