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Patriarchal Masculinity is harmful. It's been passed down through cultural attitudes and social norms from generation to generation. Mindful Masculinity can be a solution in and of itself to some of the world's most significant problems. We're here to guide you, dude.

Unpack "The Man Box" and let's modernize masculinity with the power of mindfulness.

Empower Your Verve AND Your Family.

You tried to read through some of the baby books and blogs, watch some YouTube videos, and talk with some of your friends & family. No matter the advice and the tips you've been given, it's all still overwhelming. You need that outlet and sounding board within a safe and nonjudgmental space because you need to dial down the tension. Life is definitely different now than it ever was before, and you know that you need to steady that ship in order to move it all forward. We're on this fatherhood journey together with you.

It's the buzzing noise, the whirlwind, the undercurrent, and the vortex of negativity going on inside of your mind and your body. You want it to stop, and you want to feel better, but some days it just doesn't work out. You don't feel like you. The cloud just seems to follow you around each and every corner everyday. Symptom Management is possible, and we can show you how.

Listen to Your Body, Discover Core Emotions, & Reconnect with Your Authentic Self.

Traumatic Grief. Intense Emotions. We Can Relate.

It hurts. You feel like you're hurting alone, but you know you're not. You feel like you're responsible in some way, but you know you're not. Everyday, you worry and mull over questions like "Why?" and "What if...?". You've lost someone before, but not like this. Losing someone feels intense because it is. You're still alive, and maybe even that alone makes you feel guilty. We know what it's been like for us. We're grieving with you.

We celebrate the strengths and center the needs of people with marginalized identities. Anti-hate, anti-oppression, and social justice principles guide our work. LGBQIA, & Trans/NB folx deserve affirming care that does no harm. You need to be seen, heard, and understood without judgment. We're proud to serve you.

LGBQIA & Trans Affirming Care. Sex Positive Care. Coming Out On A Continuum. Trauma. Family & Work Stress. Sociopolitical Empowerment.

Intergenerational Racialized Trauma. Mending the Heart and the Body. Sociopolitical Empowerment. Overcoming White Fragility. Becoming Anti-Racist.

We celebrate the strengths and center the needs of people with marginalized identities. Anti-racism, anti-oppression, and social justice principles guide our work. AAPI & BIPOC folx deserve affirming care that does no harm. You must be seen, heard, and understood without judgment during therapy because we need you to heal, learn, & grow. Black Lives Matter.

Big (T) Trauma. Small (t) Trauma. It's all Trauma.

The worst of it may have already happened. The trouble is that past events seem like they are still happening to you here-and-now in the present. It's frightening. You don't talk about it much with anyone, and maybe not at all - ever. You would rather avoid and escape it. That makes sense to us. Maybe there is a part of you who can recognize that if you keep on in the same way, it will only continue to haunt you. We know how to hold space for you to heal.

Empower Your Verve.

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Existential Psychotherapy

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Promote Understanding. Increase Stability.

Build & Secure a Lasting Relationship You Deserve.

You and your partner have grown apart. You're more like room mates than anything else. Connection and intimacy used to drive your relationship. Now, it's hard to remember the last time you felt confident about the space between you. Arguments are too hurtful, too often. You've built a life together, and you need to get back to the heart of it. We can help anchor your relationship.

We live in a digital world. Internet-based therapeutic interventions were found to be as equally effective or better than in-office therapy. We can empower your verve online.

Your Therapist is Online.

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