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Our 2021 Podcast Appearances

2021 may be over, but you can still tune in to empower your verve with these podcasts.

2021 was a busy year for Verve Psychotherapy since we opened for business in June 2021.

Overall, we served 48 total clients within the first six months of opening our dream solo private practice. Along the way, we also enjoyed some opportunities to discuss our clinical expertise on a few podcasts. If you haven't already, then we hope you can tune in, listen, share, and enjoy!

Here is a quick review of Our 2021 Podcast Appearances:

1.) The Private Practice Start Up Podcast

We made our podcast debut with Kate & Katie on The Private Practice Startup Podcast for their special Father's Day episode in June 2021. It's a huge honor for us to be featured among the stellar group of other fathers, therapists, and entrepreneurs who came together for this episode to share tips and experiences on how to balance all three of these meaningful roles.

Kate & Katie invited us back for solo episode in November 2021 to discuss more about our clinical work with men's issues, the man box, and mindful masculinity.

2.) Mental Status Podcast

This is a podcast about burnout. I joined Meg Kelly on Mental Status Podcast in September 2021 for a chance to share our own personal experiences with burnout and burnout recovery as a clinical social worker.

We discuss some of our vulnerable experiences working in community mental health, becoming a new dad, and transitioning into solo private practice. Moreover, we talk about how my journey has shaped my attitudes and views towards myself and also the clinical work that I do with men, new dads, and their partners.

3.) The Counseling Podcast

Rounding out the year, we joined Dr. Jaclyn and Dr. Stokes on The Counseling Podcast in December 2021 for "A Guide to Men's Mental Health with Matthew Braman, LCSW".

Finding a safe space for men to heal and grow is super important for everyone. In this episode, we share our personal and clinical perspectives and experiences working with men's mental health, paternal & maternal mental health, individual psychotherapy & couples therapy, and normalizing it all for men, new dads, and their partners.

About the Author:

Matthew Braman, LCSW is an imperfect husband, a new dad, and the Founder & CEO / Therapist of Verve Psychotherapy LCSW, PLLC.

Verve Psychotherapy offers modern & inclusive online therapy for busy adults located in New York & Georgia to empower men, new dads, and their partners with mindful masculinity.


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