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15 Real Talk Blogs for Men and New Dads

A Meta-Blog Post to Empower Your Verve.

Something Worth Reading, Blog

1 a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer; also: the contents of such a site
2 : a regular feature appearing as part of an online publication that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commentary by one or more authors

"By far, the most common reason that people will read a blog post is to learn something new", according to HubSpot. Moreover, a recent HubSpot study found that 60% of people read a blog at least once a week. Sometimes, a good blog can be hard to find, AND it can be something worth reading once it's finally found. In today's fast-paced world, we need more quality over quantity.

Connecting men, new dads, and their partners with educational resources that can support and contribute to the success of the therapeutic process is a massive part of our work as a therapist. In this meta-blog post, we're sharing 15 Real Talk Blogs that we often share with our clients.

15 Real Talk Blogs for Men and New Dads

"A glimpse of what enlightened masculinity might look like in the 21st century", The Good Men Project was founded in 2009 by Tom Matlack to "collect stories of defining moments in men's lives". Matlock took notice that many men thought they knew what it meant to be a man and also what it meant to be good, but then realized that they didn't really know either. It started out as a book, became a documentary film, and transformed into a series of events and a blog / website for a "diverse, multi-faceted media company and an idea-based social platform". The Good Men Project facilitates "the conversation no one else is having" on men's issues, health and wellness, fatherhood, relationships, sports, business, the environment, social justice, ethics, and values.

The Good Men Project

The Art of Manliness (AoM), founded by Brett McKay in 2008, has become "one of the largest men's interest magazines on the web". AoM says that it is "a one-stop resource for actionable advice that covers every aspect of a man’s life: character, career, relationships, fitness, style, skills, and much more". Beyond its blog and magazine articles, books, and podcast, AoM extends itself into its own "scouting program for grown men" structured around an online and offline platform of "boot camp" courses and challenges to help men turn their insight into action.

The Art of Manliness

"Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. It has over a million readers", according to the founder of Zen Habits, Leo Babauta. The Zen Habits archives is deep, going all the way back to blog posts Babauta made from 2006.

Zen Habits

In 2012, Kevin Curry started a Tumblr blog called "Fit Men Cook". Sharing recipes and meals he made as a part of his own fitness journey online helped him build community around "healthy food ideas". Moreover, it helped him build his own accountability and motivation to get fit. That Tumblr blog developed over the past decade into its own website, blog, podcast, and significant news media and social media attention.

The Fit Cook, Fit Men Cook

We all have our own relationship with money, and we can't escape its unavoidable control and supreme impact on our lives (cue the Wu-Tang Clan classic track, "C.R.E.A.M."). Money Crashers was created with the mission "to help kids, adults, and families get on the right financial path through freely-accessible online content", according to its CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew Schrage. Turning the tables on money can be overwhelming, and maybe it doesn't have to be so hard.

Money Crashers

"The leading digital media brand for dads", Fatherly boasts a combined 3.1M followers across all of their social media platforms. Fatherly creates engaging and in-depth content aligned with their mission "to empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives through original reporting, expert parenting advice, and hard-won insights into a challenging, but profoundly rewarding stage of life." This is one of the top resources that have helped us out personally while taking our own steps into fatherhood. 10 out of 10, would recommend, and not just because we were quoted in Fatherly's article "This Is Why Postpartum Depression In Men Is So Underreported".


Do you want to love and lead your family well? The All Pro Dad team offers parenting, marital, and family advice that aims to help you, "Be a hero to your kids". The All Pro Dad playbook highlights wholesome content to inspire and encourage a legacy of "Family First". Former NFL Head Coach, Tony Dungy, an experienced father of eleven children, is one of the founders of All Pro Dad, and he should know a thing or two about love and leadership. You can easily join the All Pro Dad Team when you subscribe for their daily encouragement and powerful fatherhood tips to be delivered straight to your email inbox.

All Pro Dad

"Tools for the modern father", Fathercraft offers product reviews, parenting tips, and resources on how to be "an awesome dad". Founded by a couple of dads who wanted to craft "a diaper bag just for dads", Fathercraft became the type of resource that they wished they had when they were becoming parents. Adding tools to the modern father's toolbox can "help improve the lives of new dads and parents everywhere", says Fathercraft, because "parenting (is) not just for mom's anymore". Included among some of the many offerings are paid courses and free checklists, infographics, and age-based insights to help new dads prepare for what's to come.


The Father Hood is "Australia's #1 Place for Dads", creating a virtual "neighbourhood" (a.k.a, neighborhood, community) that offers support, advice, and inspiration for dads. "Dads need a rebrand", and The Father Hood is "celebrating the modern father". Their trio of founders have professional backgrounds in marketing and digital communications, entrepreneurship, journalism, publishing, and working with magazine and news media publications. A solid mix of their experiences combined with thoughtful insight, The Father Hood is "built by dads, for dads".

The Father Hood

Another golden treasure from "The Land Down Under", Direct Advice for Dad (DAD) tells it like it is for new and relatively new dads whether or not they live in Australia. Commentary and insight from the DAD team's own personal, lived experiences is highlighted throughout the DAD blog and podcast, which aims to help new dads tap into community wisdom, "by dads for dads", along their new fatherhood journey. Be on the lookout for more of what it's like during the expecting stage, the newborn and infant stages, and the toddler stage of parenting as a new dad.

Direct Advice for Dads (DAD)

Creative and inspirational, Brent Almond (a.k.a., Designer Daddy) is a graphic designer by trade and a daddy by adoption. He's a gay dad who personally blogs about parenting, LGBTQ+ issues in general, alcohol responsibility, creativity, pop culture, and more. He designs, illustrates, speaks, and writes from a place of love. His approach to everything begins by him asking himself the question "How can I make this more informative, beautiful, meaningful, or fun?". Awarded and recognized by many for his work and also for his parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brent Almond lifts the lid on what so many people of all backgrounds desperately need to learn and understand about LGBTQ+ parents and families.

Designer Daddy

It's almost like Mike Julianelle (a.k.a., @dadandburied) took a page right out of the Mayo Clinic's book when they say "laughter is the best medicine" and "Stress relief from laughter? It's no joke". Julianelle started writing a dad blog, turned it into a podcast, and developed a massive social media following along the way. With dark humor, satire, mockery, sarcasm, and lighthearted cheer, @dadandburied highlights some of the often unspoken, difficult kinds of emotional experiences of fatherhood, namely that it can be "tough, time-consuming, stressful, thankless, expensive, exhausting, largely unrewarding, really loud, often quite boring - did I say expensive yet?, or thankless? - emotionally draining work". Sounds relatable to me, and I still love it.


Combining knowledge and wisdom from research and practice, the Gottman Institute, founded by Drs. John & Julie Gottman, is dedicated to supporting and strengthening marriages, families, and relationships. With a fully accredited training and certification program for therapists, the Gottman Method is a leading form of evidenced-based couples counseling. As you could expect, a collection of Gottman-based experts contribute their perspectives on "The Four Horsemen", love and relationships, parenting and emotion coaching, dating and premarital relationships, research and methods that explore the science behind relationships, and conflict management. You can make your relationship a priority and enhance your relationship health for free with the Gottman Marriage Minute to receive twice weekly emails when you subscribe.

The Gottman Institute

Practical Intimacy is an online relationship, sexuality, and personal empowerment coaching program founded and operated by the Australian / Location-Independent power couple of Jodie Milton & Reese Stockhausen. They set out to answer this question: Is there a better way to do relationships? Their "Live, Love & Sex Blog" aims to help readers "unleash (your) personal power, create healthier relationships, and have more connected sex". Sounds great! They also offer men's coaching, women's coaching, couples coaching, and online courses for practical intimacy.

Practical Intimacy

Last, but not least, is Marriage 365. Founded by another power couple, Casey & Meygan Caston share their story of how early marital discord took them on a connection journey to learn and grow as a couple developing a more healthy marriage. Through the array of Marriage 365 offerings, which include a blog, email tips, books, worksheets, videos, courses, a mobile app, a membership, and also a coaching program, married couples can access the same types of perspectives, tools, and resources that helped the Castons and many other couples take a wrap-around view of their marriage and prevent it from becoming another divorce statistic.

Marriage 365

Disclaimer: None of the website links contained herein are affiliate links. However, many blogging and other websites do contain their own affiliate links and should make that clear on their site. Regardless, we only share and promote content on our website and blog that we know, like, and/or trust. Moreover, nothing contained on this or any other website should be considered a substitute for clinical, financial, legal, medical, and/or professional advice and/or mental health treatment.


Scrolling and reading through blogs and other website articles can be a useful way to learn something new. We hope you find some treasure. Do you know of any other blogs created for men, new dads, and their partners that are worth reading? Send us a message to let us know.

Matthew Braman, LCSW, LCSW-C, Founder & CEO / Therapist of Verve Psychotherapy
Matthew, Your Right Hand Therapy Man


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